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If it’s early adopterish, startup-related, or just means having the scoop before anyone else, I’m all over it. Naturally, social media + networks are a lifeblood as they = real time information and updates.

If it wasn’t for Twitter, I wouldn’t have seen screen captures of the Nexus One before it made on TechCrunch nor would I feel like I know Lance Armstrong. Facebook lets me keep tabs on people I would have long ago obliterated thanks to a short memory, with exceptionally poor recall of generic names. Flickr provides me with a look into what non-friends from my small town high school are up to, photographically (and, not surprisingly, not everyone is as talented as I’d hoped).

The other day, I got an interesting update (based on email contacts imported from my old university email account): “[insert prototypical Irish male name here]” has joined LinkedIn.

A professional networking site reminding me of someone I met in Paris and naïvely fell for immediately?

The story: After a single ridiculous night of dancing in the 18eme (a classier way of saying Pigalle), we exchanged rapid emails, I committed to flying to Switzerland to visit him, and in a short span of time, convinced myself I had a real future with a wonderfully-accented Irish lover. This brash attachment was hugely uncharacteristic (a tightly wound twenty-one with a real hatred for emotion or love of any variety) but somehow became the romantic dream I never knew I harbored.

After a few eager weeks, he put the kibosh on my Swiss rendez-vous with claims of being extraordinarily busy with work + sent a half-assed attempt at rejection.

I promptly blocked him out of my consciousness. Until last week.

Thanks, LinkedIn, for the update. And the unwelcome reminder of my former non-glory days.


Written by Allie

January 23, 2010 at 7:29 pm

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