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Almost two weeks into my second quarter century…

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Not feeling quite as boldly optimistic about the year as I was on day one, but I’m still feeling pretty frickin’ good about the odds this year, despite the following:

– I found one beautiful, smart, well-educated, and entrepreneurial man on Flag Day. Scared him away, or maybe he was way out of my league? In any case, I felt slightly better when someone later told me that he may be gay. I’d prefer that than to acknowledge that I’m shooting too high.

– While I didn’t do this consciously [ahem, tequila], I did reach out not once, but twice to a guy who previously told me that I’m shit. Absolute shit. I’m afraid I’ve fallen into “kicked puppy mode” with him, where I eager beaver it with hopes that the next time I run into/see/force myself into his life, he’ll be a better person.

– I created a profile on, just to see what’s cookin’ in the Bay Area. Despite my filters on height, education, salary, and drinking levels, I can’t say any of them made me want to un-hide my profile and make a stab at online dating.

– I’m still occasionally browsing craigslist’s missed connections, partially because there are some hilariously egregious attempts at spelling and grammar, but also because I’m hoping that gorgeous guy with the gorgeous dog who lives in my neighborhood finally decides we have a missed connection. And that guy from Flag Day. And maybe the guy at Peet’s the other week, who I also saw en route to spinning class on the same day, my birthday [I thought he may be a gift from the gods].

On the upside:

My friends are still amazing. It’s been mostly sunny and my legs are tan. I’ve met some fun new people. I’ve committed to losing my latest extra poundage before San Diego + South Carolina next month through an incentive-based weight loss = shopping allowance program. I got a new romper, as a gift, and it’s awesome. I have multiple reunions with some of my favorite people on the horizon. My orchid is officially alive and blooming in two directions.


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June 21, 2010 at 3:16 am

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